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Orkut hacking Prevention Tips

We already discussed on how to orkut acount hacked from smart Orkut hackers by manipulating the victim (The account which is being hacked) in giving out his own password and account information using false technique such as Fake login page.So here are some of the tips for Orkut users to prevent from getting their own Orkut profile hacked!

Orkutting in Public computer

Make sure you do not check the button "Remember Me” when you log in to your Orkut account from a publicly accessible internet (Cyber Cafe).Someone might peep when you are typing the password,in such case strong password with numbers and capitalization are recommended.

Anti Keylogger

If you are visiting a local browsing center then try to check the programs installed in the computer.If you find keylogger (which stores password) then remove it immediately (Complain about this to the person who manages the browsing center).You can also install a Anti Keylogger to protect and safely log in to your Orkut account.Another solution for this is to make use of On Screen keyboard which is installed on every Windows Operation System.

Orkut hacking accounts

Never use Javascript code

If a friend scraps you to copy the javascript code and paste it in your browser address bar then re check the Javascript to understand the code.If you are familiar with the code then  make a search or better ignore such javascript scraps,no matter what they do! They are a time waster..

Re-Check Links via Scraps

Some people will blindly click on the website links sent by anonymous orkut user to the scrapbook.Re check the links once again and make sure you do not enter your password to any fake login page or give out any of the Orkut details if you are visiting a website or any link via orkut scrapbook.

Strong Google Gmail password

If you are having a password which is easy to remember then change is as soon as possible.Because hackers can make use of programs such as "Brute Force” to easily detect your password (If the password is short and is a dictionary word).Make use of Password generators and take a note of your password.Also make sure you have a good security question & answer which none of your friend can easily guess

Check the address bar

Everytime you visit someone’s profile via links or any orkut community then check the address bar to ensure that you are on website.If you detect any different url then do not panic, immediately change your orkut password!

Stay away from Orkut Strangers

If someone requests for friendship then checkout his/her profile, check scraps, orkut communities and mutual friends joined by the person.So that you get a clear idea if the person is genuine or a orkut hacker who want to abuse your profile.

Maintain Orkut Privacy Profile

Keep your profile private if you are too much concerned about your privacy.Generally this will help you a great deal if you are orkutting to connect with Well-Known friends as it eliminates anonymous scraping and friendship with strangers!

Remember to Logout

Make sure you do NOT forgot to Log out from the Orkut website if you are accessing Internet from a public area.Once again double check Orkut,Gmail and Google services.

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BY:-Anand kumar ohm
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