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Views: 129563 | Added by: ohm00anil | Date: 2010-06-09 | Comments (66)

Here's a very cool little plugin called Lyrics Plugin for Winamp or Windows Media Player that displays song lyrics when you start playing a song ! You no longer have to go searching the internet for the song lyrics ! Simply play your MP3 file and a few magical seconds later all of the lyrics for that song show up automatically !!!
Once installed, for example in Windows Media Player on my computer, choose a song from the libray and begin playing it. Then click on the Now Playing button across the top and the lyrics screen will show up. Of course, this program will not find all of the lyrics for every song, but if you feel up to you can add the lyrics yourself! But from my testing, any popular song or half-decent band's songs were all found and they were correct.


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Views: 48232 | Added by: ohm00anil | Date: 2010-05-25 | Comments (1)

~!~ What is GPRS internet?

General packet of radio services is the technology of providing Internet packet through Air (wireless) , Service is same as you gets from Dial up or ISDN but medium is differnent. [ Both are public switched data means speed allocated as avialable or shared service not the dedicated]

~!~ What is Edge?

Enhanced development in Global (OR GSM) Evolution is newer
(Newer for india ::) ) technology in providing internet packets
with almost 3 times more speed and stability and three times
low congestion on network provider. You can only get it if your operator has
enabled this service in your area ( tower is EDGE enabled or not ) &
wheather your mobile is EDGE enabled or not ?

~!~ What is 3G?

3G stands for 3rd Generation, Newest wireless technology in india.
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Views: 21585 | Added by: ohm00anil | Date: 2010-05-24 | Comments (6)

Windows 7 operating system comes with several in-built Administrative tools for managing hard drive partitions, adjusting firewall settings, managing schedules tasks, starting and stopping system services and so on. The default way to access these tools is through a link present in the "System and Security” section of the Control Panel. Another way to access them is by typing the name of the administrative tool or "Administrative Tools” directly into the Start Menu.

The administrative tools sections includes computer management, task scheduler, system configuration, and more..

If you use these tools often, you will actually find it easier to add a link to these tools through the "All Programs" menu in the Start Menu.


How to add Administrative Tools to Start Menu:

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Views: 12199 | Added by: ohm00anil | Date: 2010-05-23 | Comments (0)

Before you start making mistakes that slow down your new computer, you had better learn some computer maintenance tips on how to take care of your PC. But to simplify things these PC maintenance softwares will do the job for you. There are many single purpose computer maintenance software out there – registry cleaners, spyware cleaners, uninstall managers, startup managers and more. All these software have only one main objective – to help you get the best performance from your computer! In this article i'll show you 5 Best Free PC Maintenance Softwares that will do the job for you.

Top 5 Free PC Maintenance Software Applications
Views: 95442 | Added by: ohm00anil | Date: 2010-05-10 | Comments (31)

The Mouse

The Mouse is the device you will use for most of your interactions with your PC. It is primarily used to move the pointer arrow around the screen and to select and activate options.

The mouse buttons are used to interact with whatever is on the screen where the pointer is located. The left mouse button is the one you will use most often. Clicking this tells the PC to select an item and is called 'left-clicking'. To activate an item and use it, you will often need to click the button twice or 'double-click'.

If you click and hold the left button and move the mouse, this has the effect of 'dragging' a selected object about the screen until you release the button.

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Views: 8200 | Added by: ohm00anil | Date: 2010-05-07 | Comments (0)

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